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  • NVIDIA's CMP 90HX Crypto Mining Card Reportedly Based On GeForce RTX 3080

    Earlier this month, NVIDIA announced its CMP HX family of Crypto Mining Processors, which are intended for professional miners looking to make some big bucks. This week, we found out that the entry-level CMP 30HX and 40HX feature the Turing TU116 and TU106 GPUs, respectively.  Today, VideoCardz revealed that the next step up in the family

  • Yes, You Can Run NVIDIA CUDA On Intel GPUs And Libraries For It Have Hit Github

    Using a PC's graphics processor for tasks beyond just rendering 3D graphics is how NVIDIA has made billions in the datacenter space. Of course, its proprietary CUDA language and API have been exclusive to the company's GPUs since the beginning. There have been tools to port CUDA apps to widely-supported languages like OpenCL, but even semi-automated

  • Compal’s Airttach Laptop May Be The Best Triple-Screen Concept We’ve Seen Yet

    When on the go with a laptop, one of the biggest complaints tends to be a lack of screen real estate, especially for people who are used to multiple displays. In response to these user requirements, companies have created concept products such as Razer’s triple-display Project Valerie gaming notebook concept we saw at CES 2017. Ultimately,

  • Lenovo Has Its Own Radeon RX 6800 XT That’s A Cool Blast From AMD’s Past

    Another graphics card that pays homage to the past is coming to the forefront, though this time it is a pair of Radeon RX 6000 series cards from a most unlikely source...Lenovo. Be honest, would you have guessed 'Lenovo' had you not read the headline? Be that as it may, Lenovo is set to launch what we consider two of the better looking RDNA

  • Pokémon Celebrates 25 Years With An All-New Open World RPG Called Arceus For Nintendo Switch

    Over the past 25 years, players have been catching and battling Pokémon from around the world in a variety of different blockbuster games. During today's Pokémon Presents stream, Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara announced a continuation of the 25-year adventure on the Nintendo Switch with three new games coming late this year and

  • Microsoft’s Windows 10X Chrome OS Rival May Be Called 'The New Windows'

    Although Windows 10X still hasn't been released to the public, there has been a steady stream of information leaked about the operating system in recent months. Windows 10X was supposed to debut on the Surface Neo, but Microsoft delayed the operating system and its dual-screen foldable in May 2020. Reliable Microsoft leaker WalkingCat posted

  • Coinbase Files For IPO But Cites Bitcoin's Creator As A Major Risk Factor

    Yesterday, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to go public with class A common stock under the symbol COIN. In the filing, the Delaware-based company listed its risk factors, including the outing of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym used by the person or group of people who

  • Researcher Says Don't Trust LastPass, Unless You're OK With Being Tracked

    Remembering a bunch of different passwords for multiple websites can be difficult, and that is especially true if you are using hard-to-guess ones that mix letters, numbers, symbols, and capitalization, as is good practice. Password managers offer to handle the remembering part for you, and a for a long time, LastPass has been one of the most

  • Microsoft CodeQL Tools Goes Open Source To Aid Firms With Solorigate Threat Analysis

    Now that Microsoft’s investigation into the Solorigate hack has concluded, it is time to pick up the pieces and plot a [secure] path forward. In doing this, Microsoft has internally utilized several tools, including CodeQL, to hunt for Solorigate activity. Microsoft, however, “believes in leading with transparency and sharing intelligence

  • Game Over Man! Fortnite Adds Ripley And Deadly Xenomorph With Aliens Crossover

    Last month, Epic Games brought some sweet 1980s nostalgia to Fortnite with the arrival of a Terminatorcrossover complete with the T-800 and Sarah Connor. Now, Fortnite is back with an accurate portrayal of another kickass female lead in science fiction: Ellen Ripley. But just as Sarah Connor came paired up with T-800, Ripley is joined by

  • 2.5 Geeks: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Review, Apple M1 Macs Eating Their SSDs And More

    In this episode of the HotHardware's 2.5 Geeks livestream, Dave, Marco and Chris will be running down our review of NVIDIA's newest GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, we'll dig deeper into the odd behavior of Apple M1 Macs seemingly eating their soldered SSDs alive, and we'll hit some of the recent big headlines in too... Show Notes: 07:14

  • Gorgeous New Halo Infinite Screen Shots Show The Game's Long Delay May Be Worth It

    If things had gone to plan, Halo Infinite would have launched alongside the Xbox Series X, but like so many other projects, its release ended up being delayed—it is expected to launch in the third or fourth quarter of this year. Waiting is frustrating, but a delay might have been the best thing for Halo Infinite, because newly released screenshots

  • Intel DG2 Desktop Gaming GPU Rumored Specs Include Up To 512 EUs And 16GB VRAM

    At some point, Intel is going to throw its hat into the discrete gaming graphics card ring with products based on its next-gen Xe-HPG GPU. Exactly when and what specific products will be offered are questions that will be answered in time, no matter how impatient we are to learn more. As we wait, a new leak suggests Intel could be prepping

  • Alleged Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S Pricing Leaks Including $600 Core i9-11900K

    Preliminary retail pricing has started to appear for Intel's upcoming Rocket Lake-S processors, with pre-order and placeholder listings giving us an idea of where the next-gen chips might land. There are more than a dozen listings for Intel's 11th Gen Core desktop chips, ranging from the Core i5-11400F on up to the flagship Core i9-11900K. Of

  • Sony's PS5 Is Rumored To Finally Enable SSD Expansion Later This Year

    Sony's PlayStation 5 launched back in mid-November with two configurations: the standard PlayStation 5 with a Blu-ray drive and the disc-less PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. No matter which you select, you'll get an 825GB SSD with just 667GB leftover for your games and other data you wish to store. Some people saw this as a liability compared

  • How Bizao is building cross-border payments channels for 300 million people in francophone Africa

    The ride from Lagos to Ganvie, a lake village in Benin republic, is about 150km. The village’s 35,000 people live in a scenic environment that invites curious tourists who have dubbed it the Venice of Africa.  But like a number of cities in the french-speaking countries in Africa, Ganvie has a problem; it is a The post How Bizao is building cross-border payments channels for 300 million people in francophone Africa appeared first on TechCabal.

  • Here's Why Destiny 2's The Witch Queen Expansion Has Been Delayed Until 2022

    Unfortunately, we have some bad news to present today for diehard fans of Destiny 2. Bungie just announced this afternoon that its next big expansion -- The Witch Queen – will be delayed until 2022. Although Destiny expansions usually launch during October, the first cracks in the armor appeared last year with the release of Beyond Light,

  • Biden’s $37B Chip Stimulus Executive Order Could Help GPU And Console Shortages

    Since the launch of new CPUs, GPUs, and consoles late last year, chip supply has certainly struggled to keep up with demand. This supply issue is due in part to an ongoing semiconductor shortage which is not showing signs of stopping any time soon. To help quell the issues, President Joe Biden is stepping in to review supply chain issues and

  • Judge Orders Valve To Release Data On 436 Games To Apple Over Epic Dispute

    Last week, Apple attempted to drag Valve into the legal standoff with Epic Games by requesting a large quantity of data from the PC games creator and seller. While this request appeared out of place, the subpoena seems to have worked, as a judge has told Valve Corp. to hand over certain data from the request. During a Zoom court hearing,

  • NVIDIA CMP 40HX And 30HX Crypto Mining GPU Architecture Allegedly Revealed

    One week ago, NVIDIA announced a dedicated lineup of mining GPUs called the Crypto Mining Processor (CMP HX) Series. The company said that the "headless" cards are targeted at the "professional mining" market and that "they don't meet the specifications required of a GeForce GPU and, thus, don't impact the availability of GeForce GPUs to gamers." However,