4 Benefits Of Letting Children Play Video Games

A belief shared by many parents is that video games are bad for children because they’re just addictive sources of entertainment. That’s not true. Even though it might not look like it, children gain a lot of skills from playing video games. Let’s talk about 4 of them.

1) It encourages reading.

Because games have a fun factor, a child who is reluctant to open a traditional book will be more open to reading if a game they’re playing contains text instructions.

2) It improves their problem-solving abilities.

Many games involve things like puzzles and mysteries, offering players a chance to focus on solving a problem using planning, organisation, and flexible thinking.

3) It enhances their coordination.

A lot of video games require players to move joysticks and press buttons while observing various things on the screen that are important to their success in the game.

4) It develops their social skills.

Multi-player games (in reality or online) encourage players to engage in constant communication, leading to the possible building of meaningful or causal relationships between them.

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